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Green Oceans Ahoy! Consumer Tuna Rip Off!. Update.

This consumer is irritated. Purely by chance, this author discovered ‘Brand name’ Tuna Chunks in springwater ® 180 gram didn’t contain the 2 x 60 grams serving sizes purported to on the pack.

 We required 100 grams of tuna. Remember, we’re supposed to get 120 grams of tuna in the tin with the rest being water. Surprise, surprise. After weighing out what was needed there was no flesh left in the tin. Note we don’t have state of the art digital scales. It’s a mechanical spring scale that uses a platform mounted on a heavy spring to measure weight. Research showed they aren’t known to be particularly accurate or precise, but surely….they couldn’t be out 20 grams?

The search was on for proof the scales weren’t blatantly inaccurate before going on a blogging tirade.  A can of ‘Other Brand name’ Spaghetti Tomato and Cheese was weighed. It proved to be 220g as stated on package. Proof secured.

The tuna used in ‘Brand name’ Tuna Chunks in springwater ® 180 gram is Skipjack. The can should contain 65% Skipjack as printed on their nutritional information panel.  Mathematically, using their own data you won’t be getting 2 x 60 grams serves anyway. You only get 58.5 grams per serve or 117 grams of tuna in the whole can. In effect you’ve already been 3 grams ripped off even if the can contained the amount of tuna it supposed to have.  They have creatively rounded the numbers up and I guess hoped you didn’t notice. We were denied 20 grams of tuna, only got 55.5% skipjack and nearly half the can as water we couldn’t use.

This author is now thinking where else are we ripped off? Please feel free to respond with you own consumer rip off stories.

This author shall approach ‘Brand name’ Tuna Chunks in springwater ® company and see what their
response is.  This author has omitted the brand names of the food companies involved in this blog for legal purposes.


The tuna company did call. Weights can vary and the problem has supposedly been reported back to the factory. Unfortunately, the caller got me on the run. I didn’t pounce with good investigative questions as to why the weights vary. They are sending out something in the mail as a sign of good intentions.