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Pippas Bum

It is confirmed. There are people on this planet that haven’t heard of her. Like in downtown Phoenix Arizona for instance. Before April 29th,we hadn’t either.

Introducing Ms Pippa Middleton

 And her arse.

Pippa upstaged the royal bride, Kate Middleton with her stunning good looks; Sarah Burton designed dress and her petite and now famous butt.  Shortly after dubbed, ‘Her Royal Hotness’, by the press.  Facebook page, ‘The Pippa Middleton Ass Appreciation Society’ has over 234,000 fans and there’s probably a doll in the pipeline. Ebay is buzzing with magazines being the hottest Pippa items in Australia, in the UK its Modalu Bristol ‘Pippa’ bags and in the US it’s mags and glossy shots of her derriere.  It’s been rumoured she was offered $5 million to appear in a porno and Barbara Walters and Oprah want her as a show host. She’s hot property.

Fashionistas all over the world are buying into the Pippa market. An adapted dress has been released by Australia fashion brand, Cue. Wholesale Pippa dresses can be procured from China at a very
reasonable cost. There are thousands of places to get the Pippa look on the
net. She’s a marketeers dream.

Seriously, she’s gorgeous, but is she news?  The answer seems to be yes. If it’s Pippa, it
sells. Even better for the fellas she’s single, independantly rich and has
established ties with the royal family. Of course lets not forget ‘Her Royal
Hotness’, has a perfect picturesque arse too.