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Creative statements on packaging mislead again.

This time its brand name X with
a flowery spread, ‘crammed full of sunflower seed oils’.

What’s the definition of crammed according to
the Oxford Dictionary? It means, completely fill (a place
or container) to the point of overflowing.


Reading the
nutritional panel, the spread has only 24% sunflower oil. It’s not crammed full
of sunflower seed oils as it claims on the front. In fact, 76% of it is crammed
full of other ingredients like vegetable oils, emulsifiers, preservatives,
colours and flavours!

It does have the Heart
tick which means it can’t be that bad. Right?

 It’s been rigorously
and independently analysed by a NATA accredited laboratory to ensure it meets the
Heart Foundation criteria before a tick can be applied.  According the Heart Foundation website, ‘Tick foods offer not only a healthier choice but truth in food labelling too. It
must either on packaging or at point of sale, a nutrition information panel as specified
in the Australian New Zealand Food Authority Code and comply with the Code of
Practice on Nutrient Claims in Food Labels and in Advertisements.’ 

This product complies obviously. However, advertisers use clever spin. The data on the amount of sunflower seed oils was lifted directly from the nutritional panel on the back of the pack. Clearly if it were crammed there would be more than 24% in the product wouldn’t there?