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The Hoffsicle!

The Hoffsicle a fruit flavoured icypole moulded in the form of David Hasselhoff has been launched by Del Monte Foods, in honour of the USA’s July National Ice-cream Month. Which part you gunna lick?

That’s actually quite disturbing. The man is a douche.  Seriously why does this guy have such legend status? Now ladies, I think Del Monte foods might need to check their priorities. As of course any business is in it to make money not turn  their customers off.

Now I think a icypole in the shape Jensen Ackles aka Dean Winchester from the Supernatural series would be a better choice or maybe Alex O’ Loughlin from the the current Hawaii Five O series or even Fergie’s sexy husband Josh Duhamel but the Hoff please! I know if an icypole were in the images of sexy men then they would fly out of the freezer. Yes, and one for the guys, they could mould Pippa arse too. Imagine the profit!

This year Hasselhoff was named Britains Smoothest TV Personality. I’m shaking my head. Come on! He’s a Has-been, but his cult status is imprinted in urban culture. Have a check on the web and you can purchase all matter of Hoff merchandise. There’s thousands of sites dedicated to the Hoff. Gotta give it to you David, your brand works but I gag at the thought of buying an icypole dedicated to you! Yuck!


Credulous Consumers

I want it. That latest super product of the week. The online reviews are spectacular.  I’m a believer. Here’s my credit card number. Where do I sign up?

Your Skills are Required:

George from Poland is looking for writers to produce product reviews for Amazon.com products.

David from the US seeks people to post on a review site about popular or latest launched gadgets.

Aniban from India wants reviews in a negative pitch and to lead the reader to another product,


Yoseff from Israel needs 5 positive review in Russian for their TV product.


Professional reviewers are paid to churn out positive or negative spin about products in the marketplace.

Type product review into your web browser and behold the amazing sites to explore, full of opinions from……….. ‘consumers’ who probably don’t exist.

Most likely, George or David hired a team of writers to market their product!

Be excited and amazed. It’s the next super product of the week!

It’s got fantastic reviews….