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The Legendary Duff Beer is Back in Oz

The legendary Duff Beer is back.

Homer Simpson’s lager of choice is on the market again.

It’s not the Australia version brewed in the mid 90’s by the Lion Nathan Brewery, as that project came to an abrupt end when 20th Century Fox brought legal action against the company, forcing the cans to be swiftly removed from Aussie shelves.

If you managed to secure a carton or two and didn’t drink them, and have been living under a mushroom for some time, these cans can fetch a princely sum. Check out the net you’ll find some eager vendor willing to part with their prized possession for a nice price.  Shaunessy of Queensland sold his excellent condition, full contents carton of cans for $USD 1000 on Swap Ace and someone in Newcastle wants to sell you their mint condition 6 pack on locanto.com.au.  On June 21st 2011 a solitary can of Lion Nation Brewery Duff Beer sold for $150 on ebay.com.au and even empty cans are asking between $15-$25 AUD. EBay buyer U**t
purchased an empty Duff carton for $34.99 + $15.00 for postage. Great Aussie enterprise pipped at the post, but still earning for collectors a decades later. ‘Mmmmm Beer’ as Homer would say.

I wonder what Lion Nathan Brewery thinks about the German invasion on Australian shores? It’s not called simply Duff Beer though; it’s The Legendary Duff Beer. In 2010 it was Germanys number 1 Best Seller. It uses the same branding colours as the Simpsons and Lion Nathan version, except there’s a dot on the top of the label in the TV series. Also, it doesn’t come in a can that this author knows of but a 330ml bottle. Brewed by Eschweger Klosterbrauerei, it’s a German Pilsner with 4.9% alcohol value, that doesn’t get ecstatic reviews. Most bought it for its novelty value.  The Legendary Duff Beer has been selling in Europe for a while, but is now available on Australian shores.

Buy it if you find it, it probably won’t be long for this world, once 20th Century FOX & Matt Groening learn that they’re not making royalties on a knock-off beer.

According to the bottleshop advertisement, it’s ‘More Than Just Beer.’

That’s right, Doh!

It’s The Legendary Duff Beer!

Available on special in Fremantle, Western Australia until July 31st for $59.99/carton

Get yours today.

Duff Man would be proud!