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I want it. That latest super product of the week. The online reviews are spectacular.  I’m a believer. Here’s my credit card number. Where do I sign up?

Your Skills are Required:

George from Poland is looking for writers to produce product reviews for Amazon.com products.

David from the US seeks people to post on a review site about popular or latest launched gadgets.

Aniban from India wants reviews in a negative pitch and to lead the reader to another product,


Yoseff from Israel needs 5 positive review in Russian for their TV product.


Professional reviewers are paid to churn out positive or negative spin about products in the marketplace.

Type product review into your web browser and behold the amazing sites to explore, full of opinions from……….. ‘consumers’ who probably don’t exist.

Most likely, George or David hired a team of writers to market their product!

Be excited and amazed. It’s the next super product of the week!

It’s got fantastic reviews….



What the Frack!

No it’s not the fictional expletive from the original Battlestar Galatica series.


A new word this author discovered today


 If you know the answer a person in Pakistan on www.freelancer.com.au will pay you for the answer.

So………What the Frak is Frack?

A novices guide:

 An abbreviation for hydraulic fracturing. A process used in drilling for natural gas. 

A scrumptious rich black seam of rock is discoverered wherein lies pockets of trapped bubbles of gas.  An energy company gets hungry and gleeingly rubbing hands together liberates the gas by fracking it.  

 The gas is fracked by forcefully injecting chemicals and  millions of tonnes of water down a well bore into the rock. The fracking breaches the earth creating a fissure through which the natural gas passes.

Fracking process- Diagram

The wells are driven deep underground but when the chemicals used in the process rise to the surface they come in contact with ground water, arousing contamination fears. The water used in the process not only flows back the chemicals and water used in the original process but contaminants from deep inside the earth.

Gas extraction= Nasty chemicals, waste water, industrial process and possible ground water contamination.

I guess this novice is curious now!

What the Frack!




Thought I’d check out if I could find any obscure jobs on www.seek.com.au.

Keyword: Strange. Sub classification: Other.

Here is what I found:

Make the Most of Your Security Clearance.

Have you completed a security clearance with the Commonwealth Government that is still valid? Looking for a new challenge?

The ad writer has used some interesting descriptive phrases: “very invasive process which involves you revealing your deepest and darkest secrets to a complete stranger. It’s not all bad though, and once you’ve done it you can sit back and reap the benefits and take advantage of the doors that it opens for you in terms of future employment”

I’m wondering will I need to see a shrink  or a surgeon afterward?

So if you are after a  job where you will have to reveal your deepest and darkest secrets to a stranger go to seek and type in strange/other. Apply if qualified and sit back and reap the rewards